The Church and mission

In the Kingdom of God there is reciprocal giving and receiving. Where would we be without the volunteers and the ministers who have come to serve us ever since the first worship service in 1981 until now, and without the Christians in many countries who have supported the work in Toulouse by their gifts and prayers ?

Our objective is not only to benefit from others’ generosity but also to give so that the gospel continues in the lives of our contemporaries. How ? By…

1. Committing ourselves to spreading the Good News…

… through gospel evenings and debates. Inviting our friends and colleagues to join us for a worship service or another open activity. This very concrete means of giving involves us all.


2. Welcoming, encouraging and helping foreigners…

… who spend a while in Toulouse for their studies or for work so that they will be well-equipped to serve the LORD once they return to their home country. Indeed, the seeds planted in La Chapelle bear fruit through these “ex-Chapellers” throughout the world.


3. Seeing members take on missionary work…

… whether it be in France or elsewhere, short or long-term work, in many shapes or forms: evangelism, mutual aid, teaching or other. In 2005 one brother in Christ spent 6 months in Cameroon and one member spent 3 months on mission in Israel. In 2009 and 2010, two church members went to Haiti for 10 days. Two members also took part in a summer mission to Russia with the Love Russia charity. In 2011, four members took part in “Plage Station”, beach evangelism during the summer and 3 again in summer 2012. We currently have among us a member of Agapé France, (Campus for Christ in France) working for evangelism among students and soon a missionary couple working for evangelism among Asian students.


4. Financially supporting missionary work…

… The congregation supports a number of missionary organisations and missionary families. These following missions are presented regularly during a service and the offering of that day are given to that mission work :

  • MEB (European Baptist Mission) Baptist Federation churches in France support two French missionary couples working in Cameroon and Chad.

  • MIB (Interior Baptist Mission) evangelism and church planting in France

  • Open Doors, supporting the persecuted church

  • Patrice and Nathalie Derrouche, missionaries in Haiti.

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