House groups

1. Frequency:

All the house groups start mid-September and stop at the end of June. There are no house groups during the summer. The house groups take place on a weekly basis, (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) at 8pm. Once every two weeks, the meeting is more of a prayer group whereas the other is more of a bible study; a time to share and encourage each other.

2. What they’re about:

The basic element of the house groups is sharing. This idea of sharing can be expressed in different ways: by praying for the person sitting next to you; meditating on a bible text, expressing what you’re currently going through, whether it be tough or good, sharing a meal etc…

Each house group can organise their evenings as they please, depending on their centre of interests and/or needs as long as the idea of sharing previously mentioned is their priority.

Sharing our faith through the house group set up is not the aim in itself. Sharing, when lived out in this way, should lead us to grow spiritually and in the grace of God.

3. Geographical layout:

There are 4 house groups spread out over and around Toulouse to enable you to find a group near you :

  • North/east of Toulouse in l’Union
  • South/west of Toulouse in Cugnaux
  • Centre Toulouse/east bank, rue Claude Fauriel
  • South/east of Toulouse in Odars

4. Personnal expiriences:

Many people have expressed their joy at taking part in these house groups.

Certain people have received a real encouragement through the support found among the Christians at these house groups even whilst going through a hard time in their lives.

These meetings also bring a balanced understanding of the Christian faith by being able to share concrete problems.

These house groups bring a Christian testimony to those who are interested in the Christian faith but still feel sceptical of religious institutions.

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